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Consumer safety

Global restricted substance requirements

Increasing consumer and environmental legislation is constantly extending the number of restricted substances on a global level.  In order to ensure that materials and products meet local, national and international legislation, it is necessary to understand the requirements against which product should be tested.

Unfortunately, the legislation is complex and not always easily accessible.  In addition, different countries often impose variable permitted levels and types of substances.  It is necessary to keep abreast of the developing and amended legislation and ensure that testing specifications are relevant to particular export markets.

Eurofins | BLC actively monitors legislative changes.  With this information, Eurofins | BLC can both target method development (often legislation is implemented without a suitable test method) and invest in the equipment required to do these trace analyses.

Once a specification has been set, Eurofins | BLC can perform a whole range of testing to ensure consumer products conform to legislation.  Eurofins | BLC can also advise on the source of any substances detected and offer solutions to limit this occurring in future deliveries.

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