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Leather courses

Improve your leather knowledge with the one day understanding leather course; two day comprehensive leather course; two day automotive leather course.

One day understanding leather course

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We recommend the Eurofins | BLC one day leather course, aimed at leather users and retailers of leather products across the supply chain for all product sectors.  The leather course provides a background in leather knowledge and an appreciation of its unique characteristics.

With ample opportunity for discussion and debate, the leather course contents include.

  • An explanation of the different types of hides and skins and suitability for purpose
  • An overview of the processes involved in leather making from the raw material to the finished leather and a description of different leather types and characteristics
  • Laboratory visit to demonstrate testing and problem solving activities
  • Model tannery visit
  • Discussion of specifications and supplier management systems
  • Illustration of common defects and the causes
  • Recommended care and maintenance and discussion of common customer complaints and problems

Benefits of the Leather Courses

  • Confidence in identifying leather types and finishes
  • A better understanding of the performance and suitability for end use of different leathers
  • Quicker identification of faulty leather, preventing defective leathers reaching the customer
  • An appreciation of the importance of specifications to the global supply chain

Two day comprehensive leather course

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For those who need to have a more detailed understanding of leather as a material, such as department heads, product designers, buyers, product technologists and quality control staff, the two day leather course offers a wider and more in depth understanding of leather, its use, and the leather supply chain.

The course covers three basic areas: what is leather; where is it sourced and how it is made, from raw material through to finished product, including specifying, managing supply chain problems, reducing complaints and avoiding returns.

One day transportation leather course

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This training course offers a greater awareness of the specialist factors relating to transportation leathers.  The course provides an overview of material supply and traceability leading to a detailed discussion of the leathermaking process. Design and construction problems will be illustrated along with help and advice on legislation and specifications.  The course, which is ideal for designers, product technicians, buyers, quality and production staff, will give an improved understanding of all the specialist factors relating to leather in the automotive industry.

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