Sourcing, Safety and Sustainability Conference, Hong Kong

BLC are holding a half day international conference ‘Sourcing, Safety and Sustainability in the leather and materials supply chain’. The conference will take place during the Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong on Thursday 31 March 2011.

Consumer and environmental legislation is constantly changing and it is vital in the global marketplace for retailers, brands and manufacturers to ensure that materials and products meet local, national and international requirements. A further complexity revolves around the need to ship products around the world and the associated problems including mould issues and logistical challenges.

A selection of International experts and brands will offer a global perspective and opportunity to share their experiences in relation to the following issues:

• Mould risk, management and solutions

• Mould prevention during leather processing

• Transparency and traceability in the supply chain

• Chemical safety compliance in the US and Europe

• Product material eco-metrics (eco-index)

• Global shipping challenges

• Manufacturing shifts in China

• Hide markets

• Leather naturally, a global forum for leather promotion

This event will provide a unique opportunity for all areas of the global leather supply chain to gather valuable knowledge on the leather industry and the challenges of trading profitably in today’s business environment.

The event is being co-hosted by APLF and sponsored by Micro-Pak Limited, Thor Specialties and Stahl International with Leather International as media partner. The event will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the Asia Pacific Leather Fair.

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