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Leather testing

BLC’s UKAS accredited laboratory offers a wide range of leather tests, including physical and chemical testing. For example rub fastness tests, lightfastness tests, water spotting, finish adhesion, tear strength, restricted substance testing, fitness for purpose, problem solving etc.

BLC can set leather product performance specifications for members on request to ensure appropriate performance from leather and finished product.

With rapid response testing (5 day standard, next day or 3 day on request, subject to the testing required) BLC offers a flexible and comprehensive service to the leather supply chain.

BLC has the following accreditations:

ukas testing
International Laboratory

For a range of leather and footwear tests.

CPSC approval as an accredited laboratory for the 16CFR1303 lead testing standard (CPSC Identification Number: 1049).  BLC is currently one of a limited number of European laboratories to offer lead testing to the US market.

BLC can help with all your leather testing needs.

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